Community Conversation Thursday, October 13, 2016

Community Conversation this Thursday night – October 13 at the Connections Room, 6520 S Broadway.  Doors open at 6:45 and meeting is 7:00- 8:30 pm.

Many times the community only sees the tip of the iceberg with new development projects in Littleton.  What has the developer done to get his project in front of the Planning Commission and the City Council?  What role does staff play in the process?  Do the citizens of Littleton play a part in the process?
Jocelyn Mills, Littleton’s Director of Community Development, will be the guest speaker to talk about the zoning process from a developer’s point of view.  What does a developer have to do to get a building permit?  What is a “use by right” and how is the process different from a rezoning requirement?

City Council Meeting on UR Plans and LIFT – 10.04.2016

Littleton City Council       4 October 2016      Citizen Minutes

Before the meeting could really get underway Debbie Brinkman moved to postpone all the urban renewal (UR) items on the agenda to December 6, 2016. (Brinkman has been making motions to postpone this decision since last March.) She said that a project was forthcoming from the Cheng group for the old Columbine Square Shopping Center. (Cheng has allowed his property to fall in disrepair after evicting all his tenants two years ago. He has gone before the Planning Commission twice with a project but withdrew his application the day of the meeting in both instances. Have to wonder just how it is that she knows that a project is forthcoming when LIFT doesn’t know.) Continue reading