City Council Study Session 10.11.2016

City Council Study Session         October 11, 2016          Citizen Minutes

 Overview of Active Shooter Training – Chief Stephens gave an abbreviated version of the Active Shooter Training.   The goal is to know how you will react before an event happens. You can run, hide or fight. If you run you need to know your escape route. Leave your belongings behind, help others to escape, evacuate regardless of others, do not attempt to move the wounded, prevent others from interfering and keep your hands visible. Call 911 when you are out of danger.

If you hide do so in an area out of the shooter’s view. Silence yourself and your cell phone, lock the door, and prepare to fight. Pre-identify “safe rooms,” improvise weapons and stay out of sight. Barricade the entry points.

If you fight try to incapacitate the shooter. Act with as much force and aggression as possible. Improvise weapons – even throw items at them. Commit to your actions.

We have text 911 in Littleton – if you text 911 you will receive a text in response.

2017 Proposed Sewer and Storm Drainage Utility budget information – A joint Englewood and Littleton City Council meeting will be held on October 17. The discussion was focused on the future capital projects based on new permit requirements. Currently the sewer enterprise fund has $18 million in unencumbered reserves. There was a discussion about the future rate increases – for 2017 a 2% is all that is needed. A rate study is needed…..last one was in 2006. Littleton is currently better positioned than Englewood for future expenditures.

Mark Relph, interim city manager, presented how the $305,000 that is budgeted for next year’s sewer budget would be spent.


$25,000 for a public education program

$20,000 for a closed circuit TV system

$250,000 – Collect field data on assets (a firm would be hired to TV every single line in order to get a foundation for the condition of the infrastructure

$10,000 for utility locates

Doug Farmen, Finance Director, said there was a loop-hole found in the sewer code that needs to be fixed. Rates are based on the usage of water for the previous year and if there was no water use in the previous year then the rate is not accurate. They are working on a solution and will return to council with a solution to close the loophole.

Council was asked if they support the pursuit of an asset management strategy within the sewer utility.

Doug Clark said he wanted a better handle on the treatment and collection costs. (Our sewer bill is one fee but covers two very different functions – the collection and the treatment.) It may be time to separate out the different costs in the sewer bill – right now it is hard to tell if the increase in cost is in the treatment or the collection.

Bruce Beckman said if new regulations are dramatic we need Englewood to do something that makes the sharing of costs equitable. Relph said there should be some common language as to the true costs across both cities.

Storm Water Utility – There are significant issues. There is a new permit that is required and they need to assess the impact of it. They need to implement the principles of asset management – inventory, a condition assessment, and maintenance. Littleton is on the low end of a monthly rate for storm utility. Relph asked the council to amend the 2016 budget to pay for the $305,000 needed in the 2017 budget.   Relph said he would see if urban Drainage had any money to help.

Relph stressed the fact that Littleton does not have an inventory of our assets, no assessment of those assets and no maintenance schedule. We need to change our practices to maintain our assets.

City Attorney Recruitment – Waters is a company that has been hired to recruit a new city manager and the discussion was about whether or not to have them recruit a city attorney at the same time. Staff would like to see the city attorney job filled ASAP because it is critical for the day-to-day operations of the city.   Clark preferred to see how Waters performs with the city manager search. He thought it would be better to fill the city manager position and let things stabilize before hiring the city attorney.

Peggy Cole would like to do it in-house and was told that HR was not in a position to take on a city attorney search.

Debbie Brinkman wanted to move ahead – if the first go around is not successful they can go a second round and we will find a way to get a proper balance.

Jerry Valdes supported moving forward as well as Bill Hopping.

Relph said he would bring an amendment to the Waters contract forward at the next meeting to add the city attorney to the search.

Urban Renewal Letter – At the last council meeting the council postponed the repeal of urban renewal plans until Dec. 6 so all property owners in the plan areas could be notified of the repeal. A letter was drafted and amended.




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