City Council Study Session – 14 February 2017

City Council Study Session              Citizen Minutes                14 February 2017

Doug Clark was absent. Mark Relph was absent and Mike Braaten sat in for him.

There were only two subjects on the agenda.

Review of the Interceptor Transfer Agreement between the city and Roxborough Water and Sanitation District regarding the ownership of a gravity interceptor sewer, terminating easements to Roxborough Water and Sanitation District and granting an access easement to Roxborough Water and Sanitation District.

This agreement was set in motion in 2005. Roxborough representatives were there to provide a very brief presentation. Littleton uses 7.4% of the capacity and could charge Roxborough and the Platte Canyon Water and Sanitation District for their usage in the future.

Geneva Village – A discussion on the physical needs assessment report and vacancies/rent at Geneva Village Apartments Continue reading