Reminder – Community Conversation – Historic Preservation Board and Their Impact on Downtown Littleton

Community Conversation                        March 9th              7:00

The Community Conversation for the month of March will feature Mike Price from the Littleton Historic Preservation Board (HPB).  He will be there to provide an overview of what the HPB does, how they impact the development in downtown Littleton, the incentives used to attract members, and their role in approving development projects. Continue reading

City Council Meeting 21 February 2017

City Council Regular Meeting                Citizen Minutes                   21 February 2017

Public Comment

Isaac Ehrinstein, an 8th grader at McIntosh Academy, told the council that Colorado had a great state flag. He went on to tell the council what made a great looking flag and used the example of a poorly designed state flag that had been flown upside down for 10 days over the capitol before anyone knew it was upside down. He provided council with several of his own designs for a Littleton flag. Continue reading