Council Appoints New Board and Commission Members

Each year council interviews and appoints (or reappoints) members of the various boards and commissions.  Members serve three year terms and are limited to three terms.  The recent appointments are:



March 7, 2017 Board and Commission Appointments


Board of Adjustment James Johnson
Building Board of Appeals Dustin Hubbard, Ron Manski, and Donna Flaherty
Election Commission Frank Atwood and Cassandra Medrano
Fine Arts Board Kathleen Eckel, Denise Weed and Lauren Mattingly
Historical Preservation Board Michael Price, Pam Grove, Dave Spratlin, Kimberly Field, Jolene Bracy, and Amy Fischer
South Metro Housing Options Mike Madrid and Kelsey Yamasaki
Library Board Louise Richey and Tom Seward
Licensing Authority Pete Webb
Museum Board Cary Cooprider, Jonathan Goldstein and Joseph Haynes
Planning Commission Lynn Krueger, Bruce Stahlman, John Bridenbaugh, Robin Swartzbacker, Jason Reynolds
LIFT Kevin Seiler, Karina Elrod, Carol Brzeczek, Nicholas Millar and Jason Henderson


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