City Council Regular Meeting – 4 April 2017

City Council Regular Meeting          4 April 2017         Citizen Minutes.       Bill Hopping was absent.

Public Comment

Jason Verges from 38th State Brewing (co-owner) asked for a variance in the 8000 block of South Park Plaza Drive for parking.  The South Park Neighborhood Association group has denied their request for on-street parking and the streets don’t belong to them so they were asking the council to provide the variance.

John Craig, a resident of Littleton and the architect for 38th State, said the streets were designed for a modality that does not exist any more.  The street sees little activity other than by King Soopers and asked council to make the street more inviting for other uses besides trucks.

Debbie Brinkman asked if there were specific times that they needed the parking – they said between 3pm and 8pm.  The biggest problem is between 3pm to 6pm when the other businesses are still open on weekdays.

Phil Cernanec asked them if their landlord shared a copy of the covenants with them and they said yes.

Jeanie Erickson said she watched the council study session on Geneva Village rent increase.  She said the city had taken $630,220.00 out of Geneva Village’s account between 2011 – 2013.  She said they needed to take care of Geneva Village and any rent increases should be grandfathered in.

Don Bruns presented the recent findings on where millennials want to live and the studies show that they are returning to the suburbs.

Frank Atwood ask city council to ask CML to change their position on HB 1281 that would set up instructions for approval voting if the method of voting was used by a municipality.

Carol Brzeczek finished reading Jeanie Erickson’s statement to council as she ran out of time.  She then commented on the findings presented by Don Bruns saying that her neighborhood is experiencing the sort of thing he was talking about.  After years without young children there might be up to a dozen with more coming.  These families with young children wanted the larger yards and homes to call home.

Consent Agenda

Appointment of Benjamin Currier and Steven Katzman as substitute municipal court judges for two year terms and to provide a 12.5% increase in salary.  Doug Clark was not comfortable about approving a 12.5% increase without any justification.  The motion was tabled to 4/18 and motion failed 2/4 with Clark and Cole the only support.  Phil Cernanec moved to approve the judges and motion passed 5/1 with Clark dissenting. 

Motion to appoint Loretta Huffine as substitute municipal court judge for a two year term. Passed 6.0

Approval of March 17, 2017 minutes.  Passed 6/0

Ordinances on First Reading

An ordinance for first reading for Industrial Wastewater Pretreatment code revisions.  Motion passed 6.0

An ordinance for first reading for addendum to Wastewater Connector’s Agreement Addendums and Sewer Service Agreement Addendums with connecting sanitation districts.  Passed 6.0.

Resolution approving a Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Littleton and Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plan defining sanitary sewer interceptor ownership.  Clark just clarified that the only flow through this pipe was from the City.  Cernanec was uncomfortable with proceeding with ownership without having access to the pipe.  He moved to make the approval continent on receiving unrestricted access to allow for repairs over time.  Doug Clark seconded.  Motion to amend defeated 2/4 with Clark and Cernanec the only Ayes.

Main motion passed 5/1 with Cernanec dissenting.

City Attorney Hiring Process – one candidate was selected out of the process but there were some snags in the contract agreement.  Council members were encouraged to let Bruce Beckman know their concerns so he could negotiate or provide parameters to the head hunter.  Cernanec suggested that Debbie Brinkman be the point of contact for council members and Valdes said he was comfortable with Beckman.

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