City Council Study Session – 11 April 2017

City Council Study Session          11 March 2017      Citizen Minutes

Library and Museum Update – Tim Nimz provided an update.  Visitation is up at both the museum and library.    The library houses the Aging Wellness Center and that has been a big success.  And, last year 175 citizens became naturalized US citizens.

Littleton Emergency Operations Plan – the city of Littleton does not have a plan in place for a large scale emergency.  A plan is being written and this was an update on the process.

The Subdivision Exemption Code – Proposed changes to the code were presented by staff.

Geneva Village Rent Increase – Mike Braaten, Depty City manager, said that based on the last conversation there was a general consensus to only raise rates upon vacancies.  There are now three vacancies in Geneva Village.

Jerry Valdes asked why the units were sitting vacant?  He also suggested that perhaps age and income criteria might be added.  He was not pleased that we were still paying the same maintenance fees when three units were vacant.  He thought they needed to get a handle on how they are going to run the property before they raise the rents.

Braaten said there are a number of projects coming up without the money to cover the expenses.  Bill Hopping said the rents are so far below the market and they had a responsibility to raise revenue.  He was not sure it was the business that the City should be in.  Prices have gone up and to keep rents at the 1979 level wasn’t his preference.  He was leaning towards the staff recommendations to raise rents (Studio $300 to $500, 1 Bedroom $390 to $690 and 2 Bedroom $450 to $850).

Phil Cernanec was OK with the staff recommendation or South Metro Housing’s recommendation (Studio $300 to $650, 1 Bedroom $390 to $750 and 2 Bedroom $450 to $850).

Doug Clark said he was not opposed to put an income qualification requirement in place.

Bruce Beckman said he was not comfortable with doing anything – they needed answers to questions first.  Peggy Cole agreed with Beckman.  Mark Relph said what he was hearing was a need for a business plan.  Bill Happing said if there is not any support for raising rents did that mean they did not want to renovate?

Mike Braaten provided the council with an update on legislation.

The letter from the consultants (CPSM) about the fire unification was mentioned and Mark Relph said that there was a meeting that morning and they are working on the details with Braaten and the Chief to make sure the understand the practicalities of delaying the dispatch transfer.  (This letter is on the blog is you want to read all recommendations made by CPSM)

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