Letter to Council from Fire Union Saying They “Will Not Sit Back and Watch”

10 July 2017

Council members,

To those of you voting yes in favor of merging our dispatch with SMFR,
thank you!!

To those of you voting no, we are more than disappointed in your decision.
We can not clearly understand why you would vote no on improving emergency
services while saving money??  in addition to saving money,the employees
would have been better off with a better schedule, better benefits and a
better facility. We can not understand how you can just blatantly disregard
the input from Highlands Ranch, The Fire Protection District, our command
staff and your own finance department!?

As I mentioned before, the firefighters will not sit back and watch as
these unreasonable decisions are made. These decisions clearly have a
direct impact on public safety and firefighter safety.  We just recently
had several simultaneous brush fires which clearly overwhelmed our dispatch
very quickly. They did the best they could with the resources they
currently have.  We also believe that your willingness to not consider
input from your partners has a negative impact on this partnership. This
could eventually lead to a possible fracture of our department which could
effect your firefighters and your employees negatively in the future.
Staying together with our partners through whatever decision they make is
paramount for us.

The firefighters are united and in agreement that an IGA wth SMFR was
necessary.  The South Metro Firefighters are also disappointed in this

We want the council members that voted no on this to understand that we
will be taking action on this. We don’t want any of you to be surprised
when you see hundreds of firefighters, family of firefighters and community
members that support us, out in the streets over the next couple months and
into election season.  We understand you have your own perspective and
reasoning for the way you voted, but this made no sense to any of us.

We are all very proud firefighters and proud of what we do. We take pride
in serving our community and we will do whatever is best for the safety of
our community as well as the safety of our firefighters. We still have a
system that is lacking in service when compared to all our neighboring
departments. We have made some improvements that have helped, but we are
still falling short in many areas. We have an opportunity to improve
service and secure a strong partnership with a neighboring department. We
need to seize this opportunity while it is still very good for all your
fire employees, your community and the communities of your partners.

* Paul DeSalvo*
*Littleton Firefighters *
*International Association of Firefighters*

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