City Council Study Session – 23 January 2018 – LIFT, Biogas, Mineral Station

City Council Study Session.     23 January 2018        Citizen Minutes


Joint Study session with the Planning Commission to Review the Draft Mineral Station Framework

Jocelyn Mills, Community Development Director, gave a background of how we got here. The first question came from Jerry Valdes asking about whether or not the bridge over Santa Fe would need to be moved. Mills said it could. Mark Relph, city manager, said it is likely that it will have to be moved Continue reading

Question on Quorum for LIFT

LIFTs by-laws were amended to remove the number that defines a quorum and left the language that a quorum is a majority of the members.  And the UR law defines a quorum as a majority of the number of commissioners.

It is not clear why others have deemed that a quorum of LIFT is 4 – a number that was deliberately removed from the by-laws.

Confidential Memo from Attorney Written for Public

TO: Mayor Brinkman and Members of City Council
FROM: Lena McClelland, Assistant City Attorney
CC: Mark Relph, City Manager
RE: Councilmember Fey’s Amended Motion at the December 19, 2017 City

Council Meeting DATE: January 16, 2018


On December 19, 2017, at a regular meeting of the city council, a motion was made which directed staff to work with the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem on an expedited recruitment process for the vacancies of the LIFT Board. Councilmember Fey moved to amend the motion to require that “interviews do not begin until city council has received a recommendation from the LIFT Board on the exact number of vacancies as the LIFT Board understands it, and that the interview process is open to the public.”1 A question arose at the January 9, 2018, study session of the city council as to whether this amendment to the original motion was being followed.

Short Answer

This amendment to the motion is being followed to the extent it is not preempted by and does not conflict with state law. Further, to the extent that the amended motion can be followed without conflicting with state law, there must be a quorum of members in order for the LIFT Board to take any formal action.


The Colorado Urban Renewal Law sets out the method in which appointments are to be made to a local urban renewal authority. According to state law, appointments are to be made by the mayor of the municipality and are subject to approval by the governing body of the municipality in which the authority has been established.2 Appointment of a commissioner to the authority is proper when the mayor has filed a certificate of the appointment or reappointment with the clerk.3 The certificate of appointment is conclusive

1 Amended Motion by Councilmember Fey, Littleton City Council Regular Meeting on December 19, 2017, regular-meeting-12-19-2017 (found at timestamp 1:11:27).
2 C.R.S. § 31-25-104(2)(a)(I) and (IV).

3 C.R.S. § 31-25-104(2)(b).

Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting 16 January 2018

Littleton City Council.       Regular Meeting.       16 January 2018

Roll Call – Kyle Schlachter was absent

Public Comment

Heather ?? appreciated the attention Littleton has paid to providing a walkable and a bicycle friendly community. However she was concerned about the lack of code enforcement and her concern about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists in Littleton.

Jeanie Erickson told council she is part of a Littleton Pedestrian and Safety Group and wants to work with staff on safety issues. A friend of hers was killed crossing Federal three years ago and today there is still no cross walk on that section of the roadway (vicinity of Berry and Federal). She was told one was coming but three years is too long to wait.

 Linda Knufinke presented part two of her presentation on just how much moving over to South Metro for fire service will cost property owners in Littleton. Without having the benefit of council having a real discussion on the true cost of going to South Metro one can only speculate but we know that South Metro charges a 9.25 mill levy to their customers. Using that 9.25 mills she took a look at three commercial properties and presented her findings.

1600 W Mineral – If the city gave up their 6.6662 mills permanently to help defray the cost of fire the property taxes on the property at 1600 Mineral would increase $1379. If the city does not give up any of their 6.662 mills their taxes will increase by $4928. Continue reading

New Date for Court Hearing on The Grove – February 27, 2018

Our court appearance for the legal appeal regarding the Grove (aka Vita) has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 27th.  You are invited to attend the hearing at 1:30 pm at the Ralph Carr Judicial Center, 1st floor courtroom.
Tuesday, February 27th 2018
1:30pm, First Floor Courtroom
Ralph Carr Judicial Center
At the appeal hearing, our attorneys at FGMC will present argument for why the City of Littleton should have allowed our local Board of Adjustment (BOA) to review the zoning determinations made for The Grove project.  We will be asking the panel of judges to force the City of Littleton to allow this hearing (which was denied by the very same staff who approved the Grove in the first place).
As a refresher, neighbors of the Grove project had applied for a zoning review with the BOA immediately upon the Grove’s approval by city staff in September 2015.  After the City blocked neighbors’ attempt to appeal to the Board of Adjustment, a lawsuit followed and was ultimately decided in Littleton’s favor by Judge Horton of the 18th Arapahoe Circuit in September 2016.  The case was soon after appealed, and finally our day to present to the judges has arrived.  Meanwhile, the Grove (aka Vita) is nearing completion with tenant occupancy expected by this May.

City Council Study Session 9 January 2018 (LIFT and Fire)

City Council Study Session               9 January 2018                 Citizen Minutes

Priority Based Budgeting

A consultant from the Center for Priority Based Budgeting presented their approach to working with the city to implement priority based budgeting (PPB). It will take a few years to implement this approach fully but once implemented the city should be able to identify which programs (and related expenses) are not contributing to the priorities of council. The contract has already been signed.

Draft Policy for Authorities, Boards and Commissions Interview Process Continue reading

According to Mr. Kemp Combine Square was secure and being monitored by a private security group

At the October 12, 2017 LIFT meeting Ryan Toole asked about ordinances regarding neglected properties in reference to Columbine Square Shopping Center. Mr. Kemp, Littleton’s City Attorney, said he would look into it as a matter of public safety to make sure the property is not a hazard.

Shortly after the meeting Mr. Kemp sent an email to the LIFT members (10/27/2017) assuring the members that Columbine Square shopping Center was secure.  His email is below. Continue reading

Columbine Square Void Analysis – Report provided to LIFT by Community Development

This is another report that shows what sort of businesses are not int he trade area currently and might be suitable if and when Columbine Square redevelops.

Columbine Square Void Analysis & Demographic Report 7-7-17

Columbine Square Market Analysis – Report Distributed to LIFT from Community Development

This report shows what sort of businesses might work well on the Columbine Square Shopping Center site.

Market Analysis – 5151 S. Federal Blvd. 7-7-17