According to Mr. Kemp Combine Square was secure and being monitored by a private security group

At the October 12, 2017 LIFT meeting Ryan Toole asked about ordinances regarding neglected properties in reference to Columbine Square Shopping Center. Mr. Kemp, Littleton’s City Attorney, said he would look into it as a matter of public safety to make sure the property is not a hazard.

Shortly after the meeting Mr. Kemp sent an email to the LIFT members (10/27/2017) assuring the members that Columbine Square shopping Center was secure.  His email is below.

Dear Members of the Littleton Invests for Tomorrow Board,

As you requested, the staff did follow up with the Community
Development Department and the property manager to inspect the outside
of the Columbine square property.  We have verified it is secure from
unlawful entry and the property manager has retained a private
security firm to provide security.  Please let me know if you have any
further questions.

Steve Kemp

Makes you wonder how good the private security team is/was, were they still on the job in December and if the center was secured from unlawful entry how is it that there’s evidence that the homeless were seeking shelter there?

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