New Date for Court Hearing on The Grove – February 27, 2018

Our court appearance for the legal appeal regarding the Grove (aka Vita) has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 27th.  You are invited to attend the hearing at 1:30 pm at the Ralph Carr Judicial Center, 1st floor courtroom.
Tuesday, February 27th 2018
1:30pm, First Floor Courtroom
Ralph Carr Judicial Center
At the appeal hearing, our attorneys at FGMC will present argument for why the City of Littleton should have allowed our local Board of Adjustment (BOA) to review the zoning determinations made for The Grove project.  We will be asking the panel of judges to force the City of Littleton to allow this hearing (which was denied by the very same staff who approved the Grove in the first place).
As a refresher, neighbors of the Grove project had applied for a zoning review with the BOA immediately upon the Grove’s approval by city staff in September 2015.  After the City blocked neighbors’ attempt to appeal to the Board of Adjustment, a lawsuit followed and was ultimately decided in Littleton’s favor by Judge Horton of the 18th Arapahoe Circuit in September 2016.  The case was soon after appealed, and finally our day to present to the judges has arrived.  Meanwhile, the Grove (aka Vita) is nearing completion with tenant occupancy expected by this May.