Pre-inclusion Agreement with South Metro Fire – Is It Good For Littleton’s Citizens?

City Council will approve an Agreement to Move to South Metro Fire on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

 The Meeting is Your Last and Only Chance to be Heard before the Move to South Metro Fire Goes Final

 Tell Council You Want A Fair Deal

 Fire protection is a big deal for everyone and we all respect and appreciate the service fire fighters provide for the City of Littleton.  When Littleton’s fire partners, Highlands Ranch and the Littleton Fire Protection District, backed out of their Agreement with the City, the City explored other fire and emergency service options.  The result of its exploration is the Pre-Inclusion Agreement that will be considered at Tuesday’s April 17, 2018 council meeting.

What Happens if Council Approves The “Pre-Inclusion Agreement”?

  • Littleton’s Fire Department will be abolished as of January 1, 2019.
  • The City will contract for fire service with SMFR as of January 1, 2019. And all City fire assets, including stations, will be transferred to SMFR.
  • The City will pay SMFR the equivalent of 9.25 mills out if its general fund until Littleton citizens vote to increase their property taxes by 9.25 mills. There will be additional costs for the City including any improvements, replacements, repairs and maintenance on buildings in excess of $5,000 annually.  Littleton will also have to turn over all collected specific ownership taxes to SMFR.
  • If the November 2018 election is unsuccessful, additional elections will be held until the voters say yes to the 9.25 mill levy tax increase.
  • The City of Littleton pays 50% of the election costs as well as 50% of any “public education and election consulting services” for the first three elections. After the third election, the City pays 100% of the election costs per the Agreement.  They will ask and ask the voters until we say yes!
  • If the election is successful in November of 2018, the 9.25 mill levy increase will be effective on January 1, 2020 for tax year 2019.

Everything Goes to SMFR!  The Great Littleton Fire Asset Giveaway:

Trucks, Firehouses & Equipment! 

The Agreement gives away all fire assets to SMFR and allows SMFR to keep the assets if the City terminates the Agreement.   Assets with outstanding debt will be transferred free and clear leaving the citizens of Littleton to continue paying theoutstanding debt.  Meanwhile SMFR is specifically allowed to sell the City’s equipment and pocket the cash.

Littleton’s fire stations will be leased, at no cost, to SMFR until the voters approve the 9.25 mill levy increase.  Once the voters say yes stations 12 and 19 will become the property of SMFR.

SMFR gets everything if Littleton terminates the Agreement 

The Agreement ensures that Littleton will never operate a fire department again no matter what the future holds.  If Littleton terminates the Agreement the fire stations will be returned to us, if they still exist in Littleton, but none of the assets required to provide services will be included.  The stations will be stripped clean.   

What If SMFR delivers unsatisfactory service?

The Agreement does not provide a baseline or service standards.   The contract specifically says there is no ability to put standards in the contract despite the fact that other Agreements have performance standards included.   Without performance standards, citizens will never know if SMFR is providing service at current levels or at substandard levels or improved levels.

Let your voice be heard on April 17, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. in the Council Chambers:

Consider speaking at the public hearing scheduled at 6:30pm on April 17 in Council Chambers at City Center, 2255 W. Berry Avenue.  The time of the meeting may change.   Check www.littletongov.orgfor any updates to the meeting time.  E-mails may also be submitted to Council as part of the official record, but only if your e-mails arrive before 4:00 on Tuesday, April 17.  Citizens may also sign the public hearing roster in council chambers and indicate their position without having to speak.


Debbie Brinkman        

Jerry Valdes                 

Carol Fey                      

Peggy Cole                   

Kyle Schlachter           

Karina Elrod                

Pat Driscoll                   

If you have questions email

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