City Council Regular Meeting June 5, 2018 – New Generation & Air B&Bs

City Council Regular Meeting                    June 5, 2018               Citizen Minutes

Public Comment

Bobby Sheffield announced that the South Metro Land Conservancy was celebrating 25 years of saving open space in Arapahoe County.

Carl Tomasetti was in favor of the creation of a Next Gen Advisory Board to advise council on policy for their perspective.

Linda Knufinke asked the council to be transparent.  She did not believe that council was following the Charter and their Legislative Rules were no longer on the city’s website.

Julie Radulovich spoke about concerns for Air B&Bs and did not think having Air B&Bs in the neighborhoods aligned with the small town feel.   She did not believe that current code allowed for short-term rentals in R1 zoning.

Brad Martin spoke against Air B&Bs.

Pam ? said the city needed to enforce their codes and at a minimum place a moratorium until the issues are resolved.    It is wrong to favor one homeowner over the vast number of neighbors impacted by the one.

Ron Fisher asked the city to enforce their codes on Air B&Bs.

Sandy ?? – thought the current code could handle the situation but the code is ambiguous according to staff.  He asked the council to clarify the code and place a moratorium on new short-term rentals in residential areas.  Golden just recently did this.

Pam Chadbourne was opposed to the creation of the Next Gen Advisory Group.  If there is a group that is not represented it is the English as a Second Language population.  The right way to do this would be to get input from all age groups.

Teresa Tucker said the neighbors in her area live on large lots and enjoy the quiet.  The owners of the Air B&B did not inform the neighbors of their intent and they were unregulated.  Neighbors have appeal rights and will pursue them if needed. And, BTW, there are weeds in the round about on Elati south of Ridge Road.

Jefferson ?? was there to talk to council about Radon Awareness.

Carol Brzeczek said there was an Air B&B in her neighborhood that was done very nicely and not a problem whatsoever.  Her concern was the next step – small cottages that can be built as a use by right as long as there wasn’t a kitchen in the cottage.  But today all you have to do is plug in a refrigerator, a microwave, and an induction cook top and running water and you have a kitchen without having a kitchen by code.  She asked that the conversation on Air B&Bs include discussion about accessory dwelling units as well.

Tom ?? asked council to look into the zoning for Air B&Bs to protect his home and their neighborhood.  He moved from hi density to Littleton.

Debbie Brinkman told the audience that they do not take official action on items that are not on the agenda but it is an opportunity for council to respond to your concerns. This is not a new issue – it has been coming in and out of council for years.  It is a hairy issue.  She was familiar with the Golden Ordinance.  This is definitely a concern and she appreciated the citizens speaking out. It is council’s job to balance out the rights of citizens.

Mark Relph said much of the country has been wrestling wit this and we have our own history the last three years.  His predecessor (Michael Penny) and the former city attorney made a decision to allow Air B&Bs.  He said they do enforce the code.  City has an appointment with the property owner – we take this very seriously.  He would be troubled as well if he lived next door to one.  They are prepared to talk about Air B&Bs and VRBOs and how they fit into the city. The issue is controversial and emotional.  The code is not serving us.  He said he was willing to talk to any neighborhood.

Peggy Cole asked if there was any way to speed up the process.  Relph said they would look for things that they could delay and move up Air B&B on their calendar.

Jerry Valdes asked staff to look at the nuisance rental properties code.

In response to Linda Knufinke’s remarks the Legislative Rules were mistakenly taken down from the website – they will be back up tomorrow.

Consent Agenda Items

a) Resolution 27-2018 – A resolution granting permanent and temporary easements to Denver Water for purposes of relocating a water line along the west side of Elati Street in city property

b) Resolution 28-2018 – Proposed Rules and Procedures

c) Resolution – A resolution authorizing an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) with the Regional Transportation District (RTD) regarding reimbursement funding for the Mineral Station Area Framework planning process

d) ID# 18-187 – Motion to appoint William Hopping to the Littleton Invests For Tomorrow (LIFT) Board

e) ID# 18-179 – RTD IGA – Mineral Station Area Framework

f). Resolution No. 29-2018- Approval of the May 15, 2018 regular meeting minutes

Consent Agenda passed 7/0.

Study Session Topics

Next Generation – Kyle Schlachter is championing this idea. He said he tried to get three people at the meeting but they cancelled.  He said the perspective of the Nex Gen on cross-generational issue is important.  Having input from this particular group will be beneficial for the community and council to prepare for tomorrow based on what the younger citizens want.  Cities need to market themselves to Millienials and provide creative solutions for their issues.

Pat Driscoll said he did not quite understand the last time this was discussed at a study session. He now applauds this idea.  Do we really have a parking problem when 75% of the younger generation won’t have cars?   Their voice should be heard.  (Their voice can be heard at each and every regular council meeting just as any other voce can be heard.  They just don’t show up as evidenced by the 3 that cancelled on Schlachter.)

Karina Elrod was asking about how Kendig and Keast would be reaching out to the community for input. We have parts of society that are not engaging us – how are we reaching out to them?   She was concerned about their scope of work for this group – it needs to be very limited.

Relph said they would better understand the engagement process through Kendig and Keast.

Cole said there was no value to the group if council does not listen.  She thought all demographic groups should be involved.

Schlachter said he agreed with Cole – this is one approach.  We need to hear from people that don’t live in Littleton but work in Littleton.  Clearly 6:30 on Tuesday night does not work for them to attend our meetings.  It is the right thing for the community.

Carol Fey talked about a Community Conversation with two of the individuals pushing for this.  The idea was to hear about their concerns and it turned out that what they wanted was the same as what the older gen wanted…. affordable housing and a fix of the traffic congestion.  Giving special consideration to a specific group raises expectations that their wish for affordable housing will be addresses.   This group can use email and connect with council anytime of the day.  They may not feel welcome at council but they are not the only ones.  If we set up special access she wanted to set up special access for anyone else that wants special access.  She did not see why one group needs special treatment – if we give to them we need to give to everybody.

Brinkman sees a value in getting their opinions – they make very different decisions and they are incredibly difficult to engage.    When we look at the budget we need to look at the group that will be the core of the community and give them special assignments.  It is always a better result when a group discusses and collaborates. The success of the group will depend on city council.  She asked Schlachter to come back with next steps.

Relph said there are three generations on council   Fey asked if he was suggesting a multi age group?  Cole liked the idea of different age groups.  Fey said a community problem is not an age related problem.

Elrod said she wanted some form of representation so one group would not be over represented. Relph said he was confused – is this now broadened out and not just the younger group?

Brinkman said the difference in hearing from the younger group would be in the solutions.

Valdes said we have told citizens with a serious problem in their neighborhood that we don’t have time to fix their problem.

Downtown Design guidelineswere discussed with the consultant.




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