City Council Study Session 31 July 2018 (Econ Update, Short Term Rentals, Council Calendar

City Council Study Session.            31 August 2018      Citizen Minutes

Economic Update & Future Considerations

Denise Stephens presented. Elrod asked if they should be identifying gaps in Littleton’s retail.  Stephens said that was something that they do.  Driscoll asked what was going on at K-Mart.  He was told that that was in Englewood to which he said never mind. Continue reading

City Council Study Session 24 July 2018 (P4, Protocols, Sign Code)

City Council Study Session                     24 July 2018              Citizen Minutes

1.  Amend section 10-17-4, regarding sign code definitions, and section 10-17-6-2, to add definitions for human signs and rotating signs – if you are interested please watch the meeting.

2.  Discussion on the P4 (Preliminary Project Plan process) in Title 10, Chapter 1 of the City’s Zoning Code – Driscoll said he thought the process was doing what they wanted it to do.  Valdes likes the fact that the staff presents and not the developer.  He said he would like to have more traffic impact included in the reports.  Fey wanted a summary from staff on the impact of the project on the neighborhoods around it; evaluate how it fits.  She also asked for pictures of the area built out to the maximum allowed by the zoning request.    Elrod liked the process.

3.  Proposed Amendment to Council Protocols and Standards for Accountability – council discussed  a new section to their protocols that provided a process for the mayor and the mayor pro to reprimand council members informally and formally and then a public censure.  Brinkman said she wasn’t concerned because they needed this but they needed it if and when they had a reason to use it.  Cole thought there should be something before an informal reprimand – informal feedback perhaps.  Valdes said he was not comfortable with it.  Regarding public censure that is what elections are for.  He thought this went a little too far.  Elrod said it was heavy handed.  Fey agreed with Elrod and she was concerned that only the mayor and the mayor pro rem were allowed to use the process.  Brinkman said censure has been used to signal to a community and can have an effect on a community.  She agreed with Fey that all seven should be allowed to use the process.  Fey asked why this was brought forward.  Relph said it came up in April and it was a flagged item.  Schlachter thought this was important to do and it was not too heavy handed.



2. City Manager and City Attorney Updates


a) City Manager b) City Attorney

ID# 18-252


3. Adjournment

Report from City Attorney

City Attorney memo re public comments

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City Council Regular Meeting 17 July 2018 (AirBnBs, Charter Changes, Belleview Corridor)

City Council Study Session 17 July 2018.     Citizen Minutes

Kyle Schlachter was absent

Police Chief Doug Stephens introduced officer Dave Ford what had recently received an award for his efforts to organize a Shop with a Cop program in Littleton. Continue reading