City Council Regular Meeting 17 July 2018 (AirBnBs, Charter Changes, Belleview Corridor)

City Council Study Session 17 July 2018.     Citizen Minutes

Kyle Schlachter was absent

Police Chief Doug Stephens introduced officer Dave Ford what had recently received an award for his efforts to organize a Shop with a Cop program in Littleton.

The newest K9 member was introduced – his name is Zahn.  The Citizen Academy was thanked for the on going support of the K9 program.

Public Comment

Ron Bowers spoke in opposition to the project being proposed at Mineral and Santa Fe.  Littleton does not have the infrastructure to handle additional 1,000 people.

Paul Bingham opposed council’s proposed charter amendment to return the use of secret meetings for council – executive sessions – it goes against the vote of the people.

Yvonne Saffer expressed her concern over the current landlord for Columbine Square saying he did not take care of his property in the pas so why would we expect him to take are of it in the future.  She said there are infrastructure concerns on that piece of property – low water pressure, known sewer problems as well as electrical issues.  The area cannot withstand the additional traffic.

Jon Mascolo thanks Jocelyn Mills and Mark Relph for their response to concerns over Triple J Armory’s plans to move into South Park.  He did not believe this was the type of business that should be allowed to locate next to a residential community.

Maureen Hartlaub expressed her concerns over Triple J Armory.

Ron Lilischkies owns a property in Pinnacle and expressed his concerns about Triple J Armory located close to a school and a senior care facility. He does not believe the Armory has adequate parking.

Carol Brzeczek called to attention the length of the agenda and the limitation of 3 minutes to address several agenda items.  She asked the council to change this practice so citizens that want to participate in their government can do so in more than three minutes.

The Charter amendments are not just housekeeping; there’s a whole lot more to the impact of the changes than just housekeeping measures.  The inclusion election of South Metro, a single individual is determining the ballot language and she was surprised that no one from the City participated in drafting the language that will be on the ballot in November.

Pam Chadbourne told council she did not believe the Belleview Corridor Plan was a plan but a report or study.  In her talking to people she believes it is 8 to 2 against high density.  Citizens have every right to have the information necessary to make decisions including traffic study and density requirements.

Jeanie Erickson told council she did not support the proposed Next Gen advisory group.  She believed it to be age discrimination – all citizens should have the same access to council.  She believed the Belleview Corridor so called Plan is being presented to allow the Columbine Square owners access to urban renewal money.  She did not believe they should ever receive a penny of urban renewal money.  Let’s hope the Plan is not a regulatory document.

Dan Radulavich thanked council for their work on a moratorium on short-term rentals (AirBnBs etc). He was concerned that it was only for 90 days and hopes it will be extended.

Consent Agenda

  1. Ordinance 23 – Annual Appropriation Bill for fiscal year 1/1/2018-12/31/2018
  2. Charter amendment regarding council members qualifications
  3. Charter amendment regarding council meetings
  4. Charter amendment regarding city attorney
  5. Charter amendment regarding establishment, appointment and qualifications of the judge
  6. Charter amendment regarding revocable licenses and permits
  7. Resolution approving a Police Recruit Training Agreement with the City of Lakewood
  8. Motion to appoint Kyle Schlachter as the city liaison to LPS

Valdes moved and Driscoll seconded to approve the Consent Agenda items.  Motion passed 6/0.

General Business

Belleview Corridor Plan– Consultants from Clarion presented.

Kyle Schlachter thought there were strong opportunities to connect to the Mary Carter Greenway – it is the exact kind of project that they can go forward with.  Plan feels really great.

Jerry Valdes asked when the traffic study would be completed – he is worried about traffic increasing in the NW part of the community.

Mark Relph said data would be collected as part of the Transportation Master Plan that will allow for some modeling to be done.  Littleton does not have a level of service standard but that should come in the fall. Valdes asked if it would include the walkability of Belleview.  Relph said it would be comprehensive.

Valdes asked about the sewer issues and Relph said they have some challenges – we can predict with different kinds of land uses and see what that demand would be on the system.

Driscoll thought the plan was very thorough and asked if there was anything legally binding in the plan or simply a tool for future development.   That’s correct said Jocelyn Mills.  Did we engage Englewood?  Yes, they had a lot of discussions with us.

Have you seen any plans for Columbine Square – no, not even a pre-application meeting.  He expressed concerns about traffic in that area and understands that high density is not preferred.

Driscoll asked if there were any plans for Columbine Square.  Mills said there were no pre application plans.

Driscoll said traffic and walkability are concerns and he understands that high density is not preferred.

Carol Fey asked Mills in spite of having three community meetings she got many emails from people that did not feel they were listened to.  How do we have community meetings and still have people so upset about the situation?

Mills said it was not up to her to decide how people hear different things.  Some of their concerns are primarily about Columbine Square.  This is not a regulatory document – when the property owner comes forward they will have to go through staff.  Fey said many people believe high density is eminent and Mills said that was not the intent of this plan.  When Columbine Square presents a plan we can help direct it.

Fey said the plan lacked vibrancy – are we avoiding that?  Mills said she wasn’t sure and that they have to recognize they are taking the existing conditions and working toward the future – how can we improve on what is there today?

Peggy Cole said it doesn’t feel good and it doesn’t include what she thinks is good.  It is very disappointing – it allows so much wiggle room and won’t bring in needed revenue and long term viability.  She was not happy with where they are.

Debbie Brinkman was pleased with the vigorous attempt to capture community input.  She had not heard from anyone that did not think they were heard.  She did hear that people would prefer for Columbine Square to remain commercial.   Change has to come from the property owners and the market place.  This is a very popular place to live.  There’s an opportunity for infrastructure using urban renewal.  It is a good vision document.

Karina Elrod agreed with Fey and Cole’s comments.  Where is the excitement and innovation?  How do we get what we are looking for – it is up to us now?  The document becomes the guiding document of what the citizens want when a project comes.  We do have short-term actionable item and have the potential to exceed our expectation. The plan allows us to be incrementally successful.

Valdes moved to approve and Driscoll seconded.  Cole amended the motion to change the title from “plan” to “vision.”  Fey seconded and motion carried 4/2 with Brinkman and Elrod voting no.

Elrod moved to strike the words “multi family residential” from Policy R-1-4.  Driscoll seconded and motion carried 6.0.

Elrod moved to strike ID 1-2 Wayfinding entirely and add to Policy 1-1 and insert Wayfinding.  Cole seconded.  Brinkman was concerned about the reference it makes to the Mary Carter Greenway – there’s language that can’t be supported.

Elrod moved to strike the wayfinding strategies.  Main Motion passed 5/1 with Fey dissenting.

Emergency Ordinance on Short Term Rentals

Staff will continue to enforce the city codes but no new licenses will be approved.  The approved existing short-term rentals will be able to continue to operate during the moratorium.  Staff will bring back suggested policy changes on July 31 at a study session.

Valdes moved and Elrod seconded.  Motion passed 6/0.






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