City Council Study Session 31 July 2018 (Econ Update, Short Term Rentals, Council Calendar

City Council Study Session.            31 August 2018      Citizen Minutes

Economic Update & Future Considerations

Denise Stephens presented. Elrod asked if they should be identifying gaps in Littleton’s retail.  Stephens said that was something that they do.  Driscoll asked what was going on at K-Mart.  He was told that that was in Englewood to which he said never mind.

Stephens said development is driven by the market and right now the market is Assisted Living, Storage facilities and Apartments.  She said they needed to offer revitalization grants in areas of economic significance. They needed to encourage downtown districts and improvement districts.  The city could lead and subsidize these efforts.

Relph said an improvement district is a way to fund improvements that we want.  The city can participate – the more the city contributes the more interest is generated.  We can’t expect businesses to build a center median on Belleview – this is about self-determination.  We can hold the debt.

Stephens talked about Littleton Village – they are at the mercy of Littleton Village.  Development agreements can dictate how much commercial retail needs to be developed before the homes are built; this was not done for Littleton Village.

Relph said their biggest challenge is the shear work load on staff.

Short-Term Rentals

Discussion about what should be included in a policy governing short term rentals.

Review of Council’s Tentative Calendar


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