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This Blog has been created to assist the citizens of Littleton in participating in the discussion of issues facing Littleton.  It is a way to keep the citizens of Littleton informed about what is happening in our local government.

I have started this Blog but it is not my Blog.  The Blog is open to all who want to participate in a respectful exchange of thoughts, ideas, positions, proposals, and anything else that comes up as long as the subject is about the issues that concern the City of Littleton as a whole.

Please use the Blog for its intended purposes.  There are many of us that are friends and disagree on some issues and agree on others.  The bottom line is that we all live in Littleton, we all love Littleton, and we know that we will not always agree on what is best for Littleton but we can do it in a polite and respectful manner and preserve our friendships.

Thank-you to the gentleman who helped me with getting this Blog up and going.  You know who you are!

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  1. Carol,

    The question I ask often is: “What is the optimum size of government?” I view this question as being analogous to: “What is the optimum body fat an individual should have?” Seeing Doug Clark or Peggy Cole jogging, it’s obviously not an issue for either of them. Jim Woods, the City Manager, another jogger, replies: “What ever the voters are willing to pay for. Denver pays trash service, Colorado Springs pays electric.” The current majority seems to want more revenue, even without knowing explicitly what additional services they will provide. It’s like me eating a doughnut, and not even pretending that I’ll use those calories to hike Long’s Peak. Maybe body fat and optimum size of government are irrelevant.

  2. Frank – I don’t think body fat and optimum size of government are analogous but the analogy makes sense. I am assuming that you would like to discuss the size of government with others so I will make a category just for that discussion.

  3. I was recently told that the South Suburban Park and Recreation District is a “tax and spend” organization, by a prominent, former Colorado state representative. I had to think about that one for a minute…, isn’t all government tax and spend? My point is this, the optimum size correlates to the perceived value that the community enjoys.

    If my body fat is perceived to be acceptable to those that care — I can live with that.

    Frank, enjoy your doughnut!

  4. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. Can you be more specific?

  6. In answer to Frank Atwood’s question, I have to say that the optimal size of government in Littleton is much less than it is today at present. It looks like the previous Littleton City Council was concerned constantly in increasing tax revenues in order to constantly increase budget expenditures. I believe that just as a private company sometimes downsizes that the City of Littleton needs to downsize. It needs to eliminate as many employees through attrition as possible. This is a fiscally conservative city politically but in recent years the City Council has not acted in fiscally conservative ways; it has not reflected the fiscally conservative electorate it is supposed to represent and I hope the new City Council starts doing so by always questioning new expenditures and always seeking ways to save money.

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  10. Carol,
    Thanks for the quick minutes of the Council mtg. I appreciate the easy to find format and the succinct summary of what was discussed and by whom.

    Keep up the good work, Carol.

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