Citizen Minutes – 12.15.2105 Regular Council Meeting

Citizen Minutes                          Regular City Council Meeting                         15 December 2015

This meeting was very interesting – the exchange between Michael Penny and Doug Clark during Reports is important.

Public Comment

Jeanie Erickson told the council that she did not believe impact fees could be used to fund the proposed fire station. Continue reading

Citizen Minutes – Regular Council Meeting 12.01.2015

Citizen Minutes                        City Council Regular Meeting                     1 December 2015

Note: There’s a lot of mention of Impact Fees and spending Impact Fees. I will post a separate post that will display the state law on Impact Fees and I will also post the city’s own Ord on Impact Fees. You should take the time to read both of these documents. They spell out why Impact Fees can be collected and how they can be spent. Once you read the documents you can decide for yourself if what the council is proposing to do is within the bounds of the state law – which does govern over our home rule because the State has determined that Impact Fees are a matter of state-wide concern.
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City Council Meeting Minutes 11.17.2015 – Citizen Minutes

City Council Regular Meeting          17 November 2015                      Citizen Minutes – Highlights submitted by Carol Brzeczek

Ord 102-2015 – Second Reading on the Angelo’s Traverna project on Santa Fe Drive just south of the Breckenridge Brewery Continue reading