City Council Regular Meeting Citizen Minutes – 1 November 2016

Regular City Council Meeting       1 November 2016         Citizen Minutes

Citizen Comments

Paul Bingham spoke in favor of the Riverside General Planned Development (PD) located at 5000 and a portion of 4900 S Prince Street. (Consent Agenda item (h)) Continue reading

City Council Study Session 24 October 2016 – recruitment of city manager

City Council Study Session            25 October 2016              CitizenMinutes

City Manager and City Attorney Search

Waters & Co was there to discuss with the council the timeline for selecting a new city manager. Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting 17 October 2016

City Council Regular Meeting           17 October 2016               Citizen Minutes

Citizen Comments Continue reading

City Council Study Session 10.11.2016

City Council Study Session         October 11, 2016          Citizen Minutes

 Overview of Active Shooter Training – Chief Stephens gave an abbreviated version of the Active Shooter Training.  Continue reading

City Council Meeting on UR Plans and LIFT – 10.04.2016

Littleton City Council       4 October 2016      Citizen Minutes

Before the meeting could really get underway Debbie Brinkman moved to postpone all the urban renewal (UR) items on the agenda to December 6, 2016. (Brinkman has been making motions to postpone this decision since last March.) She said that a project was forthcoming from the Cheng group for the old Columbine Square Shopping Center. (Cheng has allowed his property to fall in disrepair after evicting all his tenants two years ago. He has gone before the Planning Commission twice with a project but withdrew his application the day of the meeting in both instances. Have to wonder just how it is that she knows that a project is forthcoming when LIFT doesn’t know.) Continue reading

City Council Meeting 8.09.2016 Study Session on UR and Domestic Violence in Littleton

City Council Study Session          9 August 2016                 Citizen Minutes

This discussion of urban renewal was a lot of rehashing of the same topics. I am not going to try to capture every conversation but only what was new or at least not the same hum drum.    Continue reading

City Council Meeting – 12 July 2016 – Interview Interim City Manager Mark Relph

At the end of this meeting the council “interviewed” Mark Relph, Public Works director, for the interim city manager position.  If you don’t have time to read the entire set of minutes – read the interview.  He is a very different leader than Michael Penny. Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting July 5, 2016 – Reconsideration of the Firing of Michael Penny

City Council Regular Meeting                                Citizen Minutes – July 5th, 2016

This set of minutes is very long – 26 pages.  But there was significant discussion among the council members around the firing of Michael Penny.  A very good meeting and it is worth the read.  It is not as timely as I like to get the minutes out but it was important to get it right – at least the content portion!  I am behind but will try to catch up with the other outstanding minutes. Continue reading

Mayor is Interviewed by Tony Kovaleski on the Firing of Michael Penny

If you would like to see more about the firing of Michael Penny, follow the link.

Interview – Beckman and Kovaleski on Penny Termination

6.14.2016 Council Study Session on Urban Renewal with LIFT and Planning Board

Study Session on Urban Renewal      14 June 2016         Joint meeting with LIFT and Planning Board

Citizen Minutes

Bruce Beckman opened the meeting by stating that they would not be able to modify any urban renewal plans – they can keep them as they are or not. Any modification would require voter ratification. Continue reading