Jose Trujillo’s Finance Report

Trujillo Campaign Report – Follow the link to view report.

Tony Gallagher’s Finance Report

Tony Gallagher’s Finance Report

Follow The Money – C4LF and Their Biased Endorsements!

On September 26th Susan Thornton, Flo Bullock, and Karen Kaplan representing Citizens 4 Littleton’s Future endorsed Amy Conklin, Tony Gallagher for At-Large council seats and Cindy Christiansen and Bruce Stahlman for District 4 and 2 respectively. Their endorsement appears to have been based on a survey and interviews with the 8 candidates.  However sincere their endorsement appears it is anything but fair and unbiased. For the best proof of their bias one only has to follow the money trail.  Continue reading

Peggy Cole’s Financial Report

Cole’s Finance Report 9/07-Follow link to Cole’s Financial Report

Doug Clark’s Financial Report

Clark’s Finance Report 9/07-Follow the link to Clark’s Financial Report

Debbie Brinkman’s Financial Report

Brinkman’s Finance Report 9/07-Follow the link to Brinkman’s Fiancial Report

C4LF Finance Report – Follow the Money

C4LF Finance Report 9/07-Follow the link to C4LF’s Report

Amy Conklin’s Finance Report

Conklin’s Finance Report 9/07-Follow the link to Conklin’s Report

Bruce Stahlman’s Finance Report

Stahlman’s Finance Report 9/07-Follow the link to Stahlman’s Report

Cindy Christensen’s Finance Report

Christensen’s Finance Report 9/07-Follow the link to Christensen’s Report