City Council Regular Meeting – 2 May 2017 – City Manager Contract Negotiation??

City Council Regular Meeting                       2 May 2017                    Citizen Minutes

Public Comment

Kyle Schlachter agreed with Doug Clark that Mark Relph would be a great city manager but he did not agree with going around the process to circumvent the public’s will to select the city manager.  He thought it spoke to the public trust and the trust of future applicants if the process is circumvented.  If Mark Relph does not want to go through a competitive process will he not stick his neck out for residents?

Don Bruns applauded the excellent rationale used in last week’s study session as being solid and well reasoned.  He referenced Relph’s professional integrity, his good understanding of the city manager’s role and the council’s role and his comfort dealing with citizens with differing views.  Relph knows the players and recognizes the problems and is even-handed with a welcome measure of humility.  He hoped that council would act in the best interest of the citizens by appointing Mark Relph as city manager. Continue reading

City Council Study Session 01.10.2017

City Council Study Session   01.12.2017

Citizen Minutes

There were four agenda items.

 1.  Judge Feldman’s Review. Continue reading

City Council Meeting on UR Plans and LIFT – 10.04.2016

Littleton City Council       4 October 2016      Citizen Minutes

Before the meeting could really get underway Debbie Brinkman moved to postpone all the urban renewal (UR) items on the agenda to December 6, 2016. (Brinkman has been making motions to postpone this decision since last March.) She said that a project was forthcoming from the Cheng group for the old Columbine Square Shopping Center. (Cheng has allowed his property to fall in disrepair after evicting all his tenants two years ago. He has gone before the Planning Commission twice with a project but withdrew his application the day of the meeting in both instances. Have to wonder just how it is that she knows that a project is forthcoming when LIFT doesn’t know.) Continue reading

City Council Meeting – 12 July 2016 – Interview Interim City Manager Mark Relph

At the end of this meeting the council “interviewed” Mark Relph, Public Works director, for the interim city manager position.  If you don’t have time to read the entire set of minutes – read the interview.  He is a very different leader than Michael Penny. Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting July 5, 2016 – Reconsideration of the Firing of Michael Penny

City Council Regular Meeting                                Citizen Minutes – July 5th, 2016

This set of minutes is very long – 26 pages.  But there was significant discussion among the council members around the firing of Michael Penny.  A very good meeting and it is worth the read.  It is not as timely as I like to get the minutes out but it was important to get it right – at least the content portion!  I am behind but will try to catch up with the other outstanding minutes. Continue reading

Special Council Meeting – June 14, 2016 – Firing of City Manage

Special Meeting June 14, 2016             Citizen Minutes


Doug Clark amended the agenda to add a new item – to terminate the employment of the city manager.   Debbie Brinkman and Bill Hopping objected.  There was a vote 4/2 with Brinkman and Hopping dissenting. Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting May 3, 2016

City Council Regular Meeting        May 3, 2016         Citizen Minutes

Citizen Comments – Recreational Marijuana was on the Consent Agenda for a first reading. Continue reading

City Council Study Session with LIFT Board On Urban Renewal – 26 April 2016

City Council Study Session – Joint Meeting with So Suburban Board and second Joint Meeting with LIFT (Littleton’s Urban Renewal Board)

26 April 2016


Joint Meeting with South Suburban Board

I am not going to cover this portion of the meeting. My guess is Don Bruns, who knows this field as well as anyone, will provide a report. I will post it on the Blog when and if it becomes available.

Joint Meeting with LIFT

Corey Hoffman, LIFT and the City’s counsel on urban renewal, Continue reading

City Council Study Session 12 April 2016 – Retail MJ, Drones and Neighborhood Plans

City Council Study Session                  12 April 2016                 Citizen Minutes

Discussion on Lifting the Ban on Retail Marijuana Sales

There are four medical marijuana (MJ) shops in Littleton right now. Continue reading


Littleton City Council Regular Meeting – 5 April 2016             Citizen Minutes

Public Comment on Consent Agenda and General Business

Jim Rees, Exec Director of LIFT (Urban Renewal Authority in Littleton) – asked the council not to pass on first reading the ordinance to abolish LIFT Continue reading