How Much More Density Can We Take a Mineral and Santa Fe? Looks Like It is Coming

If you’re concerned about congestion at Mineral and Santa Fe and protection of South Platte Park, you’ll be interested in this.
Here is tangible evidence of developers wanting to develop Mineral and Santa Fe environs to look like LoDo.
The following link is from the City of Littleton’s website.  It has drawings from an upcoming concept plan that would do that.
The fifth frame has architectural renderings of the high-density concept plan design.

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Low Income Housing in the Heart of Downtown Littleton – Right or Wrong?

Below is a report from Deanna Cook who is leading a group of citizens opposed to the granting of $12,000,000 of tax credits to Summit to build a low income housing project in downtown Littleton.  Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) attended the city council study session to explain their process for awarding tax credits to developers to build low-income housing.  During the course of the meeting Doug Clark, who had looked into the rezoning history of the property made a startling revelation…….was the property rezoned illegally?  Sure looks like it.  Oh, the legacy of Michael Penny………..  Please read.
From Deanna Cook – Thank all of you who attended last night’s City Council Study Session with CHFA.  For those of you who didn’t make it, I strongly encourage you to view the one-hour video on the City’s website.  It is highly informational – and highly concerning.  (
In a nutshell:

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Community Conversation Thursday, October 13, 2016

Community Conversation this Thursday night – October 13 at the Connections Room, 6520 S Broadway.  Doors open at 6:45 and meeting is 7:00- 8:30 pm.

Many times the community only sees the tip of the iceberg with new development projects in Littleton.  What has the developer done to get his project in front of the Planning Commission and the City Council?  What role does staff play in the process?  Do the citizens of Littleton play a part in the process?
Jocelyn Mills, Littleton’s Director of Community Development, will be the guest speaker to talk about the zoning process from a developer’s point of view.  What does a developer have to do to get a building permit?  What is a “use by right” and how is the process different from a rezoning requirement?

Arapahoe County Wins on Ag Land Dispute –

Arapahoe County was sued by the City of Littleton on the inclusion of agricultural land in the Santa Fe Urban Renewal Plan.  Judge Pratt issued his ruling in favor of Arapahoe County.  To read his decision follow the link.


Circus is in Town! Contributed by a Reader

This is part of the $1.2 million dollar “Wayfinding” project.



CORA Request – Wonder What You Get When You Make A Request? Take A Look!

This post includes over 400 pages of emails I rec’d as the result of a CORA request. There are several duplicates of emails as a result of the trail from beginning to end is included. You might find it easier to view from the bottom up since that is the order in which they were sent. I have tried to make it easier for you by providing page numbers and the topic of the emails.  The link will open the file with all the emails and the page listing below will help you get where you want to go quicker.

Brzeczek – emails FINAL

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Council to Receive Training to Learn How To Get Along – $6,000 + Price Tag!

Follow link to see what this is all about.  Second link takes you to statement of cost from presenter.

Council Training – John Nalbandian March 2016

From John Nalbandian March 2016