City Council Meeting – 12 July 2016 – Interview Interim City Manager Mark Relph

At the end of this meeting the council “interviewed” Mark Relph, Public Works director, for the interim city manager position.  If you don’t have time to read the entire set of minutes – read the interview.  He is a very different leader than Michael Penny. Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting July 5, 2016 – Reconsideration of the Firing of Michael Penny

City Council Regular Meeting                                Citizen Minutes – July 5th, 2016

This set of minutes is very long – 26 pages.  But there was significant discussion among the council members around the firing of Michael Penny.  A very good meeting and it is worth the read.  It is not as timely as I like to get the minutes out but it was important to get it right – at least the content portion!  I am behind but will try to catch up with the other outstanding minutes. Continue reading

Brinkman’s At It Again With Her Rant Against the Majority of Council

Below is an email sent to the TrailMark Homeowners from Debbie Brinkman – citizen and not council member.  Now who thinks that any citizen would be allowed to have their message sent to the HOA members in TrailMark if that citizen wasn’t a council person.  Is this appropriate behavior for an elected official?

—— Original Message ——

From: TrailMark Homeowners
To: TrailMark HOA
Sent: June 21, 2016 at 2:51 PM
Subject: [TrailMark HOA] Uploaded Littleton Awake Letter 06-20-2016.pdf

TrailMark Homeowners and Darcy Hickman posted in TrailMark HOA.
TrailMark Homeowners
June 21 at 2:51pm

The Following is a message from Debbie Brinkman, as a private citizen:

Dear Friends,

I am writing to ask for your support. I have attached a letter of No Confidence to Littleton Mayor Bruce Beckman, council members Clark, Cole and Valdes for their ambush and firing of city manager Michael Penny on June 14th.

As you are aware, I am on the city council but this letter is coming to you from Debbie, the citizen. Littleton has become a city that welcomes smart development, diverse housing, great business and young families looking for a place to raise their families. The current council majority seem to only support a regression back to the 1950’s. Firing the manager was not the first attack on our future by this council and the screaming Sunshine Group (obstructionists who are methodically destroying all our good work) and it will not be the last unless we stand up now and stop it.

A bright future starts with a community waking up to what has been going on.

If you agree with the letter please send an email to with your name as you would like it to appear. And PLEASE reach out to your friends and neighbors. You do not have to be a citizen of Littleton to support this effort – just someone who cares about our future.

Thank you,

Littleton Awake Letter 06-20-2016.pdf

Continue reading

Jim Taylor Sinks to a New Low

Jim Taylor, former Littleton City Council Rep for District 1 and current South Suburban Board member sent the following out to his chosen.  Fortunately, his email did not hit the intended target and it was forwarded to me for posting.  You can be the judge – is this the behavior of an elected official?   Continue reading

Special Council Meeting – June 14, 2016 – Firing of City Manage

Special Meeting June 14, 2016             Citizen Minutes


Doug Clark amended the agenda to add a new item – to terminate the employment of the city manager.   Debbie Brinkman and Bill Hopping objected.  There was a vote 4/2 with Brinkman and Hopping dissenting. Continue reading