Planning Board Tables Decision on Two Urban Renewal Areas

Tonight, Aug. 18, 2014, the Planning Board tabled the discussion and decision on accepting or rejecting the Urban Renewal Plans for the Santa Fe Corridor and the Columbine Square area.   Some members of the Planning Board sited the fact that they received the information on Friday afternoon and an amendment at 11 o’clock today which was not enough time to consider the information properly.

LIFT sent their urban renewal plans for the two areas to the Planning Board as required by law. (Two more plans will be forthcoming.)  The Planning Board has 30 days to make a recommendation to the city council as to whether or not the plans comply with Littleton’s Citywide Complan.  The presentation by LIFT’s consultant spent most of her time relating the urban renewal plans to the Economic Plan which is not what the law requires.

The meeting will resume on Sept. 15th at 7pm in the council chamber.

Text of Comments Made to Planning Commission on the 2030 Plan

Comments to the Planning Commission (Printed with Steve’s permission)

Regarding the Comprehensive Plan on December 10, 2007

Presented by Steve Bockenstedt, Alternate Commissioner   Continue reading

Don Bruns’ Comments on the 2030 Complan Draft – A Must Read!

Don Bruns’ Comments on the 2030 Complan Draft – Don is a land use planner for the Federal Government and has shared his letter to the Planning Commission with us.