Amy Conklin’s Record – Posted with Permission of Citizens for a Responsible Littleton

Amy Conklin’s Record 

Amy Conklin is running for re-election as an at-large candidate for the City Council.  She is out of touch with the citizens of Littleton, she does not listen to the voters, and she consistently flip-flops on issues. 

 Conklin’s vision for Littleton is high-density housing and “new urbanism” 

Littleton is a quiet, suburban community.  Amy Conklin wants to turn Littleton into a dense, urban environment.  She continuously votes for high-density housing and apartment buildings/townhomes such as River’s Edge, Littleton Village, the Marathon Oil property, and Alexan Littleton Station, the Electron property.  These votes are not consistent with the character of the City of Littleton and the City’s own Comprehensive Plan.  Littleton Village allows for over 900 units including 540 rental units on 77 acres, River’s Edge allows for 250 units on 17 acres and Alexan Littleton Station allows for 350 units on 12.9 acres.  These three developments alone could increase Littleton’s population by more than seven percent.  Vote for Conklin if you want Littleton to become a high density, urban environment complete with more gridlock, traffic and congestion.    Continue reading

More Evidence of C4LF’s Bias

Just last week we received a letter from the C4LF group signed by 6 former mayors of Littleton supporting their candidate for At-Large.  The letter was dated August 25, 2007 over a month before some of these same people “endorsed” Conklin.  Yet, they insist that they are not biased. 

So, let me get this straight.  Continue reading

Voting History of Incumbents on Key Issues


You decide for yourself, based on the record, which At-Large incumbent candidate is good for Littleton. Continue reading