About the Citizen Minutes/Notes

I have not updated this page in a long time – well ever really.  I have just done so – the red indicates the updates.

I have been attending several city council meetings in the past several years.  I wrote up “minutes” to those meetings to pass on to some friends that could not attend so they could keep informed.  Since that time my email list has grown.

Obviously, the minutes I write are not the official minutes of council.  However, the official minutes are available on the city’s web site www.littletongov.org, (not so anymore….council has decided that the video recording will be the official minutes……searching a video to find out what happened is a pain in the you know what!)  so you are welcome to take a look.  But they are not available for up to two weeks or longer after a meeting so my minutes are more timely for the citizens.  (the videos are available sometimes the day after a meeting but they are still a pain in the you know what to have to sit through as compared to reading written minutes.)

I write about what I think will interest most citizens, rather than the entire meeting.  I try to use the speakers’ own words in expressing what was said at a meeting.  Anything italicized indicates my words and/or comments – not what was said at the meeting.  At times I will offer some background information if I think it will help explain the minutes of the meetings.

I try to have my minutes ready in a timely fashion – but sometimes life interferes and I can’t meet my self-imposed deadline.

If you have any suggestions on how to make the minutes more useful, please let me know.

Carol Brzeczek

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  1. why did amy conklin leave early?

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