City Council Regular Meeting – 2 May 2017 – City Manager Contract Negotiation??

City Council Regular Meeting                       2 May 2017                    Citizen Minutes

Public Comment

Kyle Schlachter agreed with Doug Clark that Mark Relph would be a great city manager but he did not agree with going around the process to circumvent the public’s will to select the city manager.  He thought it spoke to the public trust and the trust of future applicants if the process is circumvented.  If Mark Relph does not want to go through a competitive process will he not stick his neck out for residents?

Don Bruns applauded the excellent rationale used in last week’s study session as being solid and well reasoned.  He referenced Relph’s professional integrity, his good understanding of the city manager’s role and the council’s role and his comfort dealing with citizens with differing views.  Relph knows the players and recognizes the problems and is even-handed with a welcome measure of humility.  He hoped that council would act in the best interest of the citizens by appointing Mark Relph as city manager. Continue reading

City Council Study Session – 24 April 2017

City Council Regular Meeting.  (Phil Cernanec was absent).            24 April 2017        Citizen Minutes

City Manager Search Update

There were 42 applicants as reported by the consultant.  Doug Clark, after reviewing the second round of applicants, said he would like to offer Mark Relph the position.  He had seen Relph in action.  He is a man of integrity, treats all council members the same,  provides all information to all council members and he proposed to make Mark Relph an offer. Continue reading

City Council Study Session 24 October 2016 – recruitment of city manager

City Council Study Session            25 October 2016              CitizenMinutes

City Manager and City Attorney Search

Waters & Co was there to discuss with the council the timeline for selecting a new city manager. Continue reading