City Council Regular Meeting 2/7/2017 – Littleton Crossing

City Council Regular Meeting         7 February 2017                Citizen Minutes

Debbie Brinkman was absent.

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Low Income Housing in the Heart of Downtown Littleton – Right or Wrong?

Below is a report from Deanna Cook who is leading a group of citizens opposed to the granting of $12,000,000 of tax credits to Summit to build a low income housing project in downtown Littleton.  Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) attended the city council study session to explain their process for awarding tax credits to developers to build low-income housing.  During the course of the meeting Doug Clark, who had looked into the rezoning history of the property made a startling revelation…….was the property rezoned illegally?  Sure looks like it.  Oh, the legacy of Michael Penny………..  Please read.
From Deanna Cook – Thank all of you who attended last night’s City Council Study Session with CHFA.  For those of you who didn’t make it, I strongly encourage you to view the one-hour video on the City’s website.  It is highly informational – and highly concerning.  (
In a nutshell:

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City Council Regular Meeting Citizen Minutes – 1 November 2016

Regular City Council Meeting       1 November 2016         Citizen Minutes

Citizen Comments

Paul Bingham spoke in favor of the Riverside General Planned Development (PD) located at 5000 and a portion of 4900 S Prince Street. (Consent Agenda item (h)) Continue reading

Littleton Crossing – Is it good or bad for downtown Littleton?

I guess this is the next controversy in Littleton – an apartment complex on Nevada St just north of downtown Littleton.  The project will provide workforce housing and the developer will be getting a tax credit of $1,200,000 per year for 10 years by partnering with South Metro Housing Options (formerly Littleton Housing Authority).  The partnership will make this property tax-exempt depriving Littleton of the use tax during construction and property taxes for the ten years of the tax credit.

Here are some documents that might be of interest.

Colorado Housing Finance Authority letter of agreement with SMHO and commitment for Section 8 housing in Littleton Crossing summit-hud-section-8-priority-commitment-letter-5-20-2016-5

Letter of support from Jocelyn Mills, Community Development Director of Littleton 07-letter-of-support-from-the-city-of-littleton-1

Kent Bagley and Norm Stucker write letter of support 22-letter-to-chfa-from-norman-stucker-and-kent-bagley

Colorado Housing Finance Authority award to Summit ltn-crossing-2016-round-2-award-report

Apparently the citizens that wrote letters of opposition did not get their letters included in the packet of material that went to the board prior to awarding Summit with their tax credit.  As this subject comes into focus I will add more info.