City Council Study Session – 23 January 2018 – LIFT, Biogas, Mineral Station

City Council Study Session.     23 January 2018        Citizen Minutes


Joint Study session with the Planning Commission to Review the Draft Mineral Station Framework

Jocelyn Mills, Community Development Director, gave a background of how we got here. The first question came from Jerry Valdes asking about whether or not the bridge over Santa Fe would need to be moved. Mills said it could. Mark Relph, city manager, said it is likely that it will have to be moved Continue reading

City Council Regular Meeting – 4 April 2017

City Council Regular Meeting          4 April 2017         Citizen Minutes.       Bill Hopping was absent.

Public Comment

Jason Verges from 38th State Brewing (co-owner) asked for a variance in the 8000 block of South Park Plaza Drive for parking.  The South Park Neighborhood Association group has denied their request for on-street parking and the streets don’t belong to them so they were asking the council to provide the variance. Continue reading

City Council Study Session 10.11.2016

City Council Study Session         October 11, 2016          Citizen Minutes

 Overview of Active Shooter Training – Chief Stephens gave an abbreviated version of the Active Shooter Training.  Continue reading